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Trucking Number Note

List Trucking numbers(Recently Partly! ) as follows:

  (PS: the DHL Express will transfer an new trucking number due to their new system, if you are donn't know how to truck on their website please contact us at time with many tks! )

For the Original number(not the transfer numbers) Trucking route here(the Transfer trucking numbers can truck at the end of this page's links):

These trucking record is recently and partly, updated every period, when we send out your packages will send mail to make you noted, if some matter make you cann't receive you can Login your member order infos for the remark trucking movement, if any problems please do not hesitate to contact us with many tks!


Country: Express /Original Trucking number(Airmail Parcel no include)   


DHL:7883912842( 5704103020  

DHL:78839128539( 3097088702  

DHL:7883912540( 3097088724  

DHL:2132019481( 9152913313 

DHL:7883912595( 9152934744  

DHL:78839125519( 3097089166  

DHL:2132018560( 2481317355 

DHL:7883912514( 9602565206  

DHL:2132017801( 5704116950  

DHL:2132017790( 2481496942  

DHL:7883912816( 2481515260  

DHL:7883912735( 5704122410  

DHL:7883912691( 2481541300

DHL:2132019492( 4794305865

DHL:7883912875( 5867934645  

DHL:7883912993( 3996257720  

DHL:7883912923( 3996475070

DHL:7883912923( 3996475070

DHL:7883912886( 2898987615

DHL:7883911954( 5704049820  

DHL:7883912186( 4115892631  

DHL:2132014776( 3995545466  

DHL:8990235004( 3995543635  

DHL:7883913166( 7523831335  

DHL:2132017812( 3097068866  

DHL:2132019116( 3995747884  

DHL:7883913181( 3995798262 

DHL:7883913225( 3995798354  

DHL:7883913100( 3995798962  

DHL:7883913310( 3885727996 

DHL:7883913155( 3097074400

DHL:7883913111( 3995922641  

DHL:2135530795( 5704075602  

DHL:8761350732( 3996027383  

DHL:8761350780( 3996023850  

DHL:8761350415( 3996112805  

DHL:2132019363( 3996175573

Italy: HKDHL 2132016051

USA: HKDHL 2132016062

Italy: HKDHL 2132016073

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA179554766HK

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA179554752HK

Italy: HKDHL 2132016224

Italy: HKDHL 2132016106

Canada: HKDHL 2132017101

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA179322719HK

Italy: HKDHL 2132016143

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA179322705HK

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA179322696HK

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA179554704HK 

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA136946938HK 

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA136946898HK 

Italy: HKDHL 2132016250

Saudi Arabia: EMS EA136946907HK 

Ukraine: HKDHL 2132016246

Australia: HKDHL 2132016213

Italy: HKDHL 2132016191

Canada: HKDHL 2132016180

Italy: HKDHL 2132016165

Italy: HKDHL 2132016176

USA: HKDHL 2132016154

Canada: HKDHL 2132016132

Italy: HKDHL 2132016121 

Italy: HKDHL 2132011696

Italy: HKDHL 2132010930

Canada: HKDHL 2132010941

Italy: HKDHL 2132010926

Italy: HKDHL 2132010952

Italy: HKDHL 2132010963

Italy: HKDHL 7884223355

Hungary: HKDHL 2132010985

Italy: HKDHL 2132010996

Italy: HKDHL 8990239705

Saudi Arabia: EMSHK EA179322682HK

Canada: HKDHL 8990239716

Italy: HKDHL 2132011442

Italy: HKDHL 2132011486

Italy: HKDHL 2132011560

Italy: HKDHL 2132011523

Italy: HKDHL 2132011604



Other trucking link please see :

DHL Express:

EMS Express:

Fedex Express:

Singapore Airmail Posting:

Hongkong Airmail Posting:

Airmail/quick method Easy Trucking Links:

UPS Express:

Or from your local courier's website.


    You can offer your models for us we can make for your request styling. for list product online are all have stocks, if sometimes few item catch up with sell out will pull out in few days, these items you can order by normally.
    For the OEM Order it will take about 2-6weeks(ODM about 1-2weeks) or by Negotiation for make out, which depend on the amount or numbers of your order, the OEM order we offer 30% deposit before making, and if you have the Model would be easily for making, we guarantee make for your satisfaction by the products and built with a long-term business, of course if you have any news,questions,or ideas please do not hesitate to share with us, we will do our best to support for you all the time! 24hours support!